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We have been lucky to find Leo while we were looking for a guitar teacher for our two sons. On top of being a very talented guitarist with a huge technical expertise, Leo is an excellent teacher.

He really knows how to deal with kids. He has a lot of patience and humour, always manages to lead them through painless exercises – keeping them motivated, progressing and looking forward to the next lesson.

We strongly recommend Leo to anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar.
Cyrille S

After a 25 year gap of playing guitar, I have found Leo’s pleasant manner and approach to teaching an absorbing experience. With an hour lesson, Leo is able to cover a variety of styles & techniques and I have noticed definite improvement with my playing ability within these lessons.
Dave S

I met Leo three years ago as I wanted to play the guitar. Leo is very capable of adapting himself at every level of knowledge and personally he answered my request of learning to play without the music theory portion which didn’t interest me.

Even though Leo has left France to move back to England, we have decided to continue my studies by webcam, which has worked perfectly and allows me to continue with Leo.

Leo is someone who is very agreeable, who teaches in a friendly manner. His courses are involved, yet full of good-humoured moments.
Patricia C

I have had the pleasure of knowing leo for many years as a friend, but predominantly as an outstanding musician. Having played at many concerts and events together, I am never failed to be impressed by his flexibility in all styles of music. Not only that, his easy going manner puts all that meet him at ease. A privilege and honour to play in bands beside him.
Glenn Martin – Lead Trombonist of the Ockbrook Big Band

Leo kickstarted my boys musical career as they both began lessons with him. He inspired them to further their musical life and still continue to play guitar to this day. Very friendly and talented man.
Angela B